Thursday, March 14, 2019

Refraction of Venus
Sandy Johns Collection
how lucky we are to receive the refracted gifts of Venus. each to their own cup, as the bending wave is abundant or thin. along the rings and pages of each day, she conveys spiral and first blush to every petal. it is the bloom that provides surface, to curve light into color. I hear as the foot falls on the key note it follows. my body, a prism of combined attitude can not overlook the unplayed verse in the shape of a flower.

Mitchell Pluto 

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Ghost Magpie gift of the Uranus transit Taurus
Christina Homer Collection 
on March 6, 2019 my wife and I saw a ghost magpie outside the window. this event happen while Uranus transited Taurus. Uranus has a unique overturning magnetic influence. While Taurus regulates the senses in an abbreviated-routine way, Uranus activates the thalamus within the brain. when this occurs our vision is lengthen and thoughts become more liberated. the most reliable teacher under this influence is gazing into the sri yantra, which is also the rose cross.       

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Paintings available at Bohème Apothēca 

113 W Park St, Livingston, MT Livingston, Montana

“Even the most carefully defined philosophical or mathematical concept, which we are sure does not contain more than we have put into it, is nevertheless more than we assume. It is a psychic event and as such partly unknowable. The very numbers you use in counting are more than you take them to be. They are at the same time mythological elements (for the Pythagoreans, they were even divine); but you are certainly unaware of this when you use numbers for a practical purpose.” 
― C.G. Jung, Man and His Symbols

writing and paintings © Mitchell Pluto

Odin and the Word/World Tree

The twelfth tarot archetype specifies an enclosed circle as a unit of time.

The stories surrounding the Nordic myth of Odin and the tree in my interpretation manifest as a circumference. The center dot of the circle is referred as Bindu in Sanskrit, a point which lacks nothing (the non manifested) Hanging Odin is a pendulum initiated into the pool of the collective unconsciousness.

Thoth Tarot Deck art by Frieda Harris, Wiki:How to Draw a Circle (for educational purposes only), Jean Beauchard Masonic Tarot Deck
His arms are stretched and holds the surface of the circle-as a compass would. It is during this event that a bridge between the center and the surface determine an edge (sacrifice, deduction) of light into the unknown.

Saturn and Jupiter signs. Primal cruciforms contain within the archetype pose of the hang man 
The quest (or question) for the hang man becomes, how much thought and memory will empower things by name? What is my importance in my name and how I call things? how I treat things? This advancement depends solely on the value of words and in Odin's case, runes or more symbolically, the corner of a square-the right angle's effect on action, thought and emotion.

 Artificial Memory Lost in the Woods

 it's that moment when the ego becomes too important, when that fearful feeling of paranoia overturns our well being. when we relied too much on a counterfeit reality instead of fresh air. when we are over committed to a stream of selfies. when we are over programmed to share the transit of our interior self. when we believed the lien others told us to believe in, that alienates us from our unconditional worth. that's when it's time for a proper discharge. leaving the monitor behind. getting lost in the woods. that's when it's time to be unavailable and organic.

Discovering the Habitation Spiral

It was that shimmer of the waxwing that lead me to pursue the spiral. who is none other than an angel carefully wrapped in plume. with a songline set to earth's key. 
I found the track. where there was no other nourishment that held me so tenderly. it is the well spring that guided me back home to the mother of all beings.

The Real Key Board leads to the Mycelium Inner Net

Older than old. stems and rings.  fed a planet into poetry. the first branch. off shoots into voice scrolls. mining our language into jewels. pledging a vowel to arrange raw consonants. keys and notes. paint by numbers. rooms and offices. links and subdivisions. all neural networks.


Before my eyes were magnetized to a screen. I knew I was not a sleepwalker. At an early age I dowsed and channeled the bird eye. 
It is a dream track, the feathered serpent within our self and landscape.  I consider birds angels of the earth's magnetic field. Their song line calls the trees to revive.  I imagine we do not hear the moon like they do. We do not feel the planets sing from heaven either, as our own planet's ray blooms within our being. 

Yew Magician 

The Yew Magician is a person of conductivity, who remembers earth's magnetic field and the flow of currents. 

 In one hand the Yew Magician holds the healing Yew berry, in the other hand, the Buddhi mudra. (a mudra that specifically balances the water in the body) An owl stands guard as an equal set of eyes, that burn brightly in the pool of collective unconsciousness. Upon the head is a gold calendrical hat that receives rays from the moon and planets. 

The Golden Hat of Schifferstadt 

The Bi-location of Falconry 

When we meditate we are the builder of our own mind.  We duplicate a design in our mind's eye as an expectation. 

Dhāraṇā single focus
During this trance into ourselves, we meet an ego who commits indulgence on three levels- through inaccurate thought, action and emotion. This produces an overwhelming sense of importance that the ego defends as a claim to it's own expectation. while standing in our own way, the duplicate becomes a shadow.  This lack of concentration figuratively slays the inner cosmic architect by dividing it's self. This leaves the blue print to express one's healthy self undiscovered.

Illustration from Manly P. Hall's The Lost Keys of Freemasonry
Meanwhile the body begins to decay without self knowledge, unfinished. Under the influence of the hawk archetype of Heru-falconry as the scope of Horus, over sees the details of the blue print and guides us without interference. Our point of view is expanded and inspired without argument. The minded mind, the target-is successfully exposed. 

sand painting by Alvina Begay (Navajo)
A right angle is found and used to over lay honesty to bond all thought, action and emotion together.  This builds a functional bridge within the self-the highest arch, expressing it's most brilliant value and maximum potential, without harming one's self or others. When we return from our meditation intelligence, effort and compassion are all restored fully.