Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Observations During Lucid Dreaming

Observations During Lucid Dreaming 

written June 14th, 2017 © Mitchell Pluto

The Astral Hand of Mikhail Bulgakov, oil on wood panel

This is based on a few experiences I have had that increased my belief in the volume of consciousness and god as a vibration.  First it's important to disclaim that my views expressed about astral projection are lucid dreams, as far as I know. Second, that under no circumstance am I representing any religious dogma binding my experience. 

My dream state increases under the full moon and wet weather. I contribute the cause relating to gravity and negatively charged ions. I speculate these conditions enhance the iron in my blood and my magnetic field. When I'm fortunate to receive such an occasion, I awake up in a dream. Often disoriented with a sensation of where my head is on my body, it seems to be at my feet. I swing between these two points which seems to generate a separate measure or an electric field that rises.  I would consider this a threshold and it's accompanied by unnatural sounds and sometimes intense buzzing. This is the step where I have failed many times and felt fear but pressing through this gate, however strange it sounds audibly is worth it. The pleasure of flying is deserving.   Distrust can upset ones magnetic field and cause forgetfulness. Flying is the best outlook in my opinion and the greatest  ability to control space around one's self. 

During one experience after flying around the sky I thought I would see what the moon was like. I found the moon was beyond my experience and expectation. As I got close to the moon's outer layer, I noticed details in the surface that suggested it was an ancient machine.  The closer I got  it burred as some sort of defense. Then the whole scene melted into another visual pattern.  Meeting and staring at peoples faces in lucid dreams disrupts the imagery sometimes dissolving the face around the eyes into another archetype. I notice the dream body or field, senses no temperature but can feel the pressure and texture of wet and dry. I know this because I walked in wet grass and asked is this real? All I sensed was wet.  Asking questions before sleep like, "can the angels guide me"  opened me up to unanticipated outcome that involved bat people helping me. People who looked like us but had an incredible skill of sensing problems by echolocation.  I know of no other harmful infection than fear. Imagining one's in danger reduces the quality of this abnormal state.

Another lucid experience was the sense of falling down forever into dark space without any conclusion or source of gravity.  Because thought is atmosphere in dreaming..some adjustment in my perspective created a paradox which completely transformed my attitude and the whole scene. Instead of  descending I fell up. Instead of darkness I turned the time into a place where there was always other words over exposed space. A landscape that was abandoned, where there was no thing to see.. but it's not dark. Somehow there where no defects or edges. Which lead me to want to fly as far as I could to some sort of outline. This is where I encountered a color and a presence of unconditional love I have never felt. Within the color there were hands out of range and vast at first.. and then contained in proportion to hold mine. It exchanged a signal that solved all difficulties I have experienced and solved them. I believe there is a guarantee that anyone can reach this constellation that connects all points of the past and future dreams together.