Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Pluto Transits

Hidden Folk and Special Effects of the Organic Brain
written April 17th, 2017 © Mitchell Pluto

Master of Reflection. From my series The Hidden Folk, 12inx15in mixed media. Investigates suggestibility and sympathetic magic. The Master has a forehead of mirrors that captures the on looker. Whatever the master says changes the shape of the viewers reflection.

The Poet Guillaume Apollinaire described a hidden world as Surreal. Although Surrealism became popular in the 1920's there has always been an omnipresent clue among all cultures of a hidden world. The Icelandic phrase, huldufólk is a substitution for a name what would otherwise disrupt the hidden world and cause an encounter with it. While most of us are usually not suggestively affected by taboos there is a unique percentage of people in Iceland who do believe the hidden world is possible.

This is not far from asking someone if they believe in people from another space.

The Surrealist's methods of accessing the subconscious were not new. Many of the techniques of surrealism rely on animism, pareidolia and apophenia.

These three special effects of our consciousness influence our beliefs and attitudes subconsciously. Animism is our oldest built in belief system. Under the suggestibility of the animistic brain every person. place or thing has spirit. This would also include power and expression as an ability to change events in an environment. As simple as sanctifying a successful hunt/crop by painting a picture of the future in the present. As animism believes that everything is an agent of expression or spirit, pareidolina impacts how one perceives this channel.

There is a symbiotic relationship between the faerie realm and what we would consider inanimate or motionless objects. Like seeing a face in a tree. Apophenia impresses upon how we organize what we perceive during pareidolina. Where as an abnormal encounter with a face in the tree could be nothing at all, apophenia insists, sometimes obsessively, that this experience, seeing a face in the tree, means something more than it does. Apophenia places most people at risk because it can be dogmatic and unquenchable under a false conclusion.

The New Yew. Self Initiation into the Collective Unconsciousness
written April 16th, 2017 © Mitchell Pluto

The New Yew is acrylic 20inx20in. This painting illustrates the benefits of practicing meditation and using art as a tool of self initiation into the collective unconscious. It symbolizes connection between branches and roots. 

We over look the plant in planet. The New Yew embodies the mysteries of nature. The Yew tree, the taxus baccata is a conifer tree that germinates from Europe, northwest Africa, northern Iran and as far as southwest Asia. Some speculate the Yew tree can live over 600 years, although inconclusive the center rings of the Yew tree disappear as the surface continues to grow. So age is very difficult to determine which makes it unknowable. The Fortingall Yew, which lives in Scotland, is presumably over 2000 years old

The Fortingall Yew

Despite it's enduring quality the whole Yew tree is noxious except for the fruit. On very warm days the Yew Tree can produce a gas that is hallucinogenic. This has led some to speculate that Odin hung from a Yew Tree to acquire a mystical state. Recent research has discovered Taxol is obtained form Taxus, that can be used to inhibit cancer cell growth by delaying cell division, resulting in cell death. 

Dendara/Tentyra Temple of  Hathor 

In the kaleidoscope of astrology (Horus scope), planets and stars reflect surfaces inclined to each other in certain angles. This relationship between light and gravity furnishes the inspiration of most of our metaphors in religion, stories and science. Primarily these forces (personified) spin around creation, birth, growth and rebirth. In the ancient world there were seven planets observed by eye or lens. Each planet pursues an orbital outline which seems to create a geometric pattern when traced and followed by a drawn line. 

While researching the orbit of Venus around the Earth in an eight year cycle, a five pedal star appears. What does this have to do with the Yew tree? nothing but everything. What does it have to do with the moon and waves? nothing and everything. What does it have to do with Saturn? Recently in 1981-2009 Saturn's north pole was photographed revealing a kinetic cube that looks like a hexagon. It might make me inquire more about flowers, nature and the rings in a circle.

The Bestowing Ray of Venus
written April 23rd, 2017 © Mitchell Pluto 

The Bestowing the Ray of Venus Oil 30inx40in 

There are four mysterious gold hats. the Hat of Schifferstadt, the Berlin Hat, the Cone of Ezelsdorf-Buch and the Avanton Gold Cone. They were all dated from the Bronze Age which was 3300 – 700 BC Although they were discovered in different locations, three in Germany and one in France, they seem to share a common theme. 

In my painting I used a hat similar to the Golden Cone of Ezelsdorf-Buch as a found object to remind viewers we have a tendency to idealize the past and enjoy reconstructing stories. 

Many researchers and experts have concluded that the hat's decorative designs exemplifies the wearer as an active agent in the lunisolar calendar. This head gear would transmit the personification of light and gravity onto the recipient. We do not know if the trustee of the hat was male or female. There is no knowledge what insight was taught but let's pretend it forecast nature's course. Predicting conditions like weather, crop growth, medical awareness and eventually organizing social behavior. 

Gold is highly conductive to electricity. The precious metal may have helped lift the level of the body's electrical/magnetic field in a vertical way. This would allow the 'Sorcerer' or one sourcing to become aware they were a vibration in a circle or sphere. At this magnified state one would be able to sense they were a link between heaven and earth. With some adjustment one would be able to tune into the earth's own radio station. Such heighten states often occur when the temporal lobes are over charged and the body becomes a temple.

Cosmic Chemist and the Chamber of Reflections
written April 30th, 2017 © Mitchell Pluto 

The cosmic chemist is a painting that illustrates the inner chambers of reflection, the interior prism.. it pulls the surface of our self inwards, to unify our present with our best future self. As some would interpret a guardian angel, the future self doesn't consider darkness a complete absences or even an error. It is the twin of us that remembers light beyond metaphor. It understands weightless and the trials of density. It knows what we have already gained and among our opposition and vanity, what we have lost. It educates the animal self not to chew all the time. It taught us how to cook with fire. It knows our deepest pains and pleasures. It knows the tides of the moon, the ebb of ovaries, the foam of sperm. it knows our greatest love before we reach our true celestial bride..It remains immutable as we age..it is the surface and center of every sphere.. 

and when we try to apprehend this self it vanishes with only a copy to remember in a dream.

Apotheosis, An encounter with Our Ocular Lady of Pottery and Magnetic Flux 
written April 30th, 2017 © Mitchell Pluto 

The idea of the apotheosis exists in every part of the world. State buildings like the capital contain the rotunda. A design necessary to enhance the achievements of self worth and enlightenment to those who enter. It is in the dome that points remain constant around a center. Among the pantheon in the United States capital, George Washington is surrounded by natural agents who constitute our well being and nourish our destiny..

In my painting Our Ocular Lady of Pottery and Magnetic Flux I attempt to illustrate the mystical relationship between the individual and the rotunda as a kinetic spiral. During this transmission, the light and gravity of the individual evolves. Our femur grows stronger to support our head and heart from the ground while our spine becomes an antenna. It is then we begin to notice our deep connections through the oculus of nature's mysteries.