Monday, October 10, 2016

Amanda Rose Ashling Collection

 Within your hands you hold the wands of equilibrium and power. the batteries of will and the undiscovered self. Reflection, work and sympathy all become points of light that guide the feral mind out of an uncultivated condition.  There are four periodic totems illustrated as the lion, the bull, phoenix, human. Each property outlines a temperament of matter and attitude.. the lion, a totem originally from Africa, has outlasted transference from one culture to another without losing potency or worth among spiritual correspondence. The head of the bull patterns after the design of the uterus delivering manifestation and routine. The phoenix is the transmutation of the vertebra, the keyboard of birth, traits, activities and departure. The human stands as a condition between gravity and light. young and old.  baseless and proven. With all animals mentioned including the yew tree strength embodies the value and rewards of endurance. 

Mitchell Pluto